Original FB Group Description

Support for those affected by the Royal Commission Supporters and Friends.

Survivors and Friends

Posts to Main News Feed Moderated
Private Posts here
Send msg to Mod for access invite if not already linked.

News Feed advocacy and opinion group assisting with all of our personal journeys through the Royal Commission as Survivors, Institutional members, friends, professionals advocates or supporters.

This model is a small test to see how Survivors friends and supporters and also those from institutions can communicate and support each other.

We respect the fact that within institutions many great people exist who are on side with the goals of the Royal Commission and dedicated to the cause of advocacy for Victim/Survivors.

We need to keep an atmosphere of safety in the group understanding each other’s positions and view without value judgements. We have Catholic, Anglican, Uniting Church, United Methodist, Atheist, Zen Buddhist, agnostic humanistic and other world views among our members.

We are non-political and accept all sexual orientations.

Please be aware that ecclesiastical/religious language outside of personal posts can be challenging for victim/survivors.

We have a balanced team of Moderators including survivors, family members, advocates, clinicians and institutional members.


Group Guidelines

Group Guidelines and a list of moderators are on the Moderator List in the file section.
Conflict of Interest Guidelines is in development. Draft 1 is available from file list.


This is a closed group for the protection of all members, we need to reach out to anyone interested in this issue and members from across the disciplines and institutions.

We warmly welcome victim/survivors to join the feed.

Institutional members are also warmly welcome.

We also welcome Media and Researchers from all areas.

We welcome those studying in Theological Institutions and have Academics from various countries as members.

We also have a group of Priests Clergy Ministers Pastors and are reaching out to other Religions.

Please invite anyone would assist the group or appreciate the News feed.

If you wish to invite people to the group find a moderator and they can send a group invite.


Standard Media Clinical and Ministerial Ethical codes apply.





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